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The Fusion

The Fusion

Date: Saturday 20th July, 2002
State: Queensland
Venue: Outdoor Townsville Savannah




Solatek, ASIO, Psytron


The fusing of minds and bodies, a holliday for the soul with a PSY twist


FUSION - /'Fjuzen/, n 1. The act, process, or result of fusing. 2. Anything that is fused. FUSION ENERGY -/'Fjuzen Enedzi/, n. Phys. The energy released from a fusion reaction. Confirmed acts include your AlterMatriX residents ASIO Psytron Plus we bring you Solatek direct from Cairns. Solatek has been playing in cairns for many years now and believe me this boy can play, that is why he is a regular at almost every outdoor and many indoor events in the far north. Solatek has played alongside some of australias leading psytrance artists including. Dj Krusty and Dj Sugar from Green Ant records (melb) Ollie Olsen and Andrew Till from Psyharmonics (melb) And many others including dj Sveta he is also a regular punter at large the international events that occur in our southern states. Including the Rainbow serpent (Melb), Summer Dreaming (Syd), the Dawning and the Gathering (byron). Plus many more that are too numerouse to count. So if you want to hear what IT IS ALL ABOUT you cannot miss the FUSION.


AlterMatriX crankin home grown sound sys




AlterMatriX, Alana, and Cathy

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