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Timelapse Full Moon

Timelapse Full Moon

Date: Saturday 13th May, 2006 - Sunday 14th May, 2006
Time: 9:00 PM - 1:00 PM
State: Queensland
Venue: Please sign up for venue location at least 3 days before the event


Timelapse Productions


re-psycle,ghettafunkt,mesq,cyanescens,algorhythym,marsoups,nebulous,karmaceutical,biggins(uk),spectrangle,treadgold,audible matter,justin mullins


Timelapse brings on a full moon outdoor installment


re-psycle (Gi'iwa) Cyanescens (Alkaloid Prod) Karmaceutical (Harmonize Recs) Spectrangle Algorhythm Mesq Ghettafunkt (Gi'iwa) Biggins (Inverted, UK) Justin Mullins (live) Marsoups vs Nebulous (Timelapse) Treadgold vs Audible Matter (Ipomoea) Decore & lighting---> Soma Loca Stezza---> J and S Audio Tipi provided by Scottie. Warm fires. Smiles. Chai store. Chill Area. Artworks + more... For directions please sign up on the Timelapse website. Directions will be emailed two days before the event. more info and email form for directions @


TCB Audio (Mackey sound)


Soma Loca


Soma Loca + many others

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