V/A - Prime Cuts (BEEF Records)

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Article posted by Meltdown on 15/06/2006 5:17PM

V/A - Prime Cuts (BEEF Records)

Artist: V/A
Title: Prime Cuts
Label: BEEF Records
Compiled by: DJ Schwa
Format: CD
Cat No.: BEEFCD01
Released: May, 2006
Label Site
Release & Purchase Info
DJ Schwa Interview
DJ Slater Interview

Track Listing
01. Love Boat - Bootyooty
02. Petersky - Fuck Them All (Oliverio & MOS Remix)
03. Mathias Schaffhauser - Coincidance (Trentemoller Remix)
04. D-Nox - Seven Hours (Martinez Apocalypse Now Mix)
05. Shuma - Rustyrobots
06. D.Sens - Just Cant Without U
07. Alex Kenji - Cyborg (Original Mix)
08. Federico Giust - The End Is Getting Closer (James Harcourts Twisted Remix)
09. D. Sens & Motion - In Motion N Sicknes
10. DJ Jack - Breakfast At Deca


Prime Cuts is the debut release from new label BEEF Records, experimental sister label of well known Tribal Vision who have taken the scene by storm with their outstanding progressive releases. Having been very impressed with Tribal Vision's professionalism and incredibly fast rise to become one of the top labels, and also having seen some of DJ Schwa's Australian tour showcasing the CD, I was curious to hear BEEF Records first compilation "Prime Cuts" compiled by Schwa himself.

The Prime Cuts compilation is an experimental, cutting, blurred boundry, electro compilation. Featuring some top progresive and electro artists this CD is an extremely innovative, professional, exciting, fresh breath of air. Progressive has recently taken on a lot of electro influence which I believe has helped a fantastic new sound to emerge, and this compilation is a perfect example of the electro doing the influencing! Leaning a little closer towards the 'electro' side of 'electro-prog', this CD rocks with blips, twists, funk, unique sounds and innovative ideas. Although in general, the Tribal Vision sound is closer to my personal taste, this compilation is a must-have. The track selection as well as track placement is very well thought out, and develops throughout the CD. Looking back over the development of Tribal Vision, it almost seems like Prime Cuts is an off-shoot branching further into electro territory after TV's absolute gem of a compilation, "Street Art".

Track Overview

Love Boat's 'Bootyooty' opens the cd setting the mood and quality for what's to come, nice & warped, this is a solid starter. Oliverio & MOS's remix of "Peter Sky - Fuck them all" is a deep, experimental number with some almost 'James Holden' type elements, and a twisted vocoded voice guiding us through the track with enough swearing to give this track a higher-than-PG rating! Electro legend Trent E Mollar's Remix of "Coincidance" is another deep, moving track that bounces along with a snappy, fresh vibe. Next up is the Martinex Apocalypse Now Mix of D-Nox's well known hit "Seven Hours" - an awesome track with innovative & fresh sounds that opens up even more into quite a dirty, funky electro beast! "D-Sens - Just cant without U" is next with a deep looped vocal sample pushing through the track, this one is roar and driving. "The End is getting close" is probably closer to borderlining a 4/4 progressive beat than previous tracks. Big and open, this is a quality inclusion to the compilation. Next up is "In Motion N Sicknes" by top producers D-Sens & Motion with their very nicely sculpted electro flavour. With nice dirty roar sidechained synths and bleepy goodness, this is another one of my tops on the album. The CD closes with "Breakfast at Deca" presenting 303'esque elements pushing through this acidic electro track.

Favourites: 2, 4, 6, 9


After Tribal Vision burst onto the scene with their consistantly top quality releases, artists and DJ's, it's no doubt that BEEF Records will have a bright future ahead of it. Prime Cut's is a great first release, and I have the utmost respect to Schwa & Slater for pushing something new & innovative. I will definitely continue following the development of these two exciting labels.