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azza renegade

azza renegade



azza renegade



Production Company


Musical Influences


psy trance- morning, afternoon, and night

Current Top 10

---IN NO ORDER--- Miditec & Toxical- Don't Hold Back (Cosmic Station rmx) Loud- Elastic Mood. Lifestyle- Wall Sound The Commercial Hippies- Queggestion Box Multistate- Sharp Prometheus- The 9th ( the man who swam through a speaker) Domestic- Analogiz Domestic, Pixel and Intelabeam- Came As Quite A Shock AMD- Crash Mahamudra- Technodrom

All Time Top 10

s>range- out of range 12" (spiral trax) bitmonx - it planet ben- silver album- on flying rhino darshan- phased transition pixel- black in, black out fatali- city of god, psychedelic emotions, ultrasmooth dj sanjeet- refersonic, a different view miranda- year 2000- my first ever favourite psy track! hallucinogen- everythiiiinnngggggg tristan- alpha activity/over the threshold ep shanti- tingling sensation and the TIP record "movers and groovers at the temple of dawn" and that track that goes dugga dug dugga dug dugga dug.... this could go on forever ,where would you finish??

Favourite DJs

dimitri- spun rec, eduardo- neurobiotic rec, domestic- hommega eegor- open rec, gizmo/fugga, mash.

Favourite Labels

Medusa Records (Greece) Sanskara, hommega, phonokol, spun, tribeadelic, alchemy, nano, neurobiotic, zenon, e.p.p, digital psionics etc etc

Favourite Artists

orbiz, darkpsy, scatterbrain, pixel, hydraglyph, tristan, prometheus, wrecked machines, domestic, gataka, legohead, sensient, shift, rinkadink


Previous Events

earthdance syd- 2007 INFECTED MUSHROOM- 13TH APRIL @ THE METRO!!! White Party Cruise (Amazon Power) March 4, 2007 Brazilian Beach Party- Portuguese Beach, Pittwater, Feb 2007 New Years After Party @ Perry Park 1-1-07 EVOLVE- Sydney, Dec 16, 2006. KLATU BARADA NIKTU- SAO PAULO oct. 06 GROOVE FESTIVAL - 20/8/06 Marilla- Sao Paulo DRODS (CLUB)- 11-8-06 SP DRODS OPEN AIR- Sao Paulo- 23/7/06 THELLES E MUSIK VS UFO- 8/7/06- Sao Paulo LIRIUM- Sao Paulo, Brazil- 24-6-06 PSYTECH- Osasco- Sao Paulo, Brazil 14/6/06 PSYFANTASY- Sao Paulo- Brazil 2/6/06 PSYTECH- Osasco, Sao Paulo, BR. 3/5/06 SEVILHA- Mogi Das Cruzes, Sao Paulo, Brazil- 21-4-06 CYBERDOG- Sao Paulo, Brazil- 24/3/06 SKAZI- Mais Proxima de Voce- Sao Paulo, Brazil- instore appearance at chilli beans sunglass store- Galleria Ouro Fino 20/3/06 PRIVATE PARTY- 4-3-06 Brasilia- DF Brazil TRANCEFORMATION- FESTIVAL OF CARNAVAL (goiana- brazil 24/2/06) pre festival warm up party, the night the festival was due to open, there was a party at the site as nothing was ready on the stages due to venue location change (3.5hr set) MYSTIC TRIBE (Sao Paulo, Brazil, dec 10 2005) with safi connection, point and michelle adamson PERRY PARK NOV 11 2005 BEYOND THE ORDINARY- with hefty output, psyboriginal, sequipa power plant fundraiser EARTHDANCE 2005- Sydney launch party FAR FROM NORMAL- SYDNEY- OCT 2005 OOMPA LOOMPA- with franny beyond imagination- hefty output and third drop reflection SUTRA (TWICE ) once in support of DU SERENA (BRAZIL) PROGGY FROGGY (breaks room) SUN CONTROL SPECIES astrophysia (b2b with stomp) unknown alternative- with FRACTAL GLIDER, LIQUID, SENSIENT, SUN CONTROL SPECIES SILICON SOUND- IN SYDNEY PSYDWAYZ- with drooid (sun control species) cosmic couriers (b2b with stomp) out the blue (b2b with adam t/meltdown), stompede mudgee madness 2004 perry park (b2b with megatron) rocktober 2003/4 rebound a few times sly fox resident at evolve (icebox nightclub- tek house and breaks, 2002) various techno parties back in the vinyl days ressurection (sth coast) nye 2003/4 wiz productions (south coast) plus others forgotten now...

Highlight of Career

infected mushroom sydeny april 2007, Brazil 2005/6 every party was amazing!!!!


Info Azza Renegade (azza) has been djing in and around sydney since 1998, firstly in techno, tech house, and breaks, before concentrating primarily on psy trance over the last 4-5 years, and has supported many well known international acts in parties in Sydney. His music style is diverse, from night, tweaked mornings, tequila based midday sets through to the cruisy afternoon, but always in keeping with his particular tastes, trying to keep an element of attitude, psychedelia and some times a little funk in his sets. After spending 11 months of 2006 living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Azza supported many international acts (Timelock, Skazi, Safi Connection, to name a few) and headlined various indoor and outdoor parties/festivals across Brazil, with two of his highlights being the only dj at the pre festival warm up party for the "Tranceformation" festival in Feburary 2006, and headlining "Klatu Barada Niktu" the best known and longest running psy trance night in Sao Paulo, on his last weekend in Brazil, a fitting send off.. Azza says that he plays the music that he would most like to be dancing to at the time he is playing, which shows through in his energetic and well composed dj sets...

Studio Setup

"i got two turntables and a microphone" a laptop and some speakers, etc. etc. etc

Bookings & Contact Info

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