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Plague Sequence

Plague Sequence



Plague Sequence


London, UK


Crash Frequency

Musical Influences


Full on/prog/night/industrial/EBM

Current Top 10

Son Kite - Focus Shift - Closer Infected Mushroom - Dracul Headscan - Carnal Knowledge Negative Format - Probe v2.4 Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods Megalopsy - The Abstract Machine

All Time Top 10

Headscan - Hi-Motion Model Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move

Favourite DJs

Anyone who dares to cross psytrance into industrial.

Favourite Artists

Shift, Dark Soho, X-Dream, Infected, Son Kite, and my all-time fave; Headscan.


Upcoming Events

Plague Sequence: [Sydney] Berserk March 17th 2007 The next Berserk is scheduled for March 17th at the Mandarin club and Plague Sequence will be playing live! Alongside DJs Dasein + Zephiran. [Sydney] Opposition, Sydney, March 23rd 2007 Plague Sequence are playing live at Opposition. Alongside Epsilon (live Breakcore), and DJs playing hardcore, d&b, hard industrial techno and psytrance. [Sydney] Release the Secret (2) March 30th 2007 Plague Sequence has been added to the line-up for Release the Secret (2), featuring BROKEN TOY (South Africa/Alchemy Records). Outdoor location 2 hours from Sydney. Tix from usual outlets. [Sydney] Regrowth '07 April 13-15 2007 R.E.G.E.N present Regrowth '07, 3-day outdoor psytrance gathering 2 hours from Sydney. Plague Sequence has been added to the line-up alongside Brain Bokka (Israel) and others. Tix from usual outlets. The Crystalline Effect: [Sydney] March 14th @ Troubadour

Previous Events

Plague Sequence: [Sydney] Doofcorp November 25th. [Adelaide] Cyberia cyber-ball @ Enigma, September 30th [Melbourne] Cold Circuit @ Dream niteclub July 28th The Crystalline Effect: Dozens of gigs around Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) from packed clubs to festivals to intimate theatres. DJ Virulent: Berserk @ Mandarin Club (basement level), Sat October 21st 2006 Berserk @ Mandarin Club (basement level), Sat September 2nd 2006 The Crystalline Effect: Sat August 26th, 3pm @ Broadway Cafe Sat August 26th, 10pm @ Gaelic Club

Radio Appearances

Infectious Unease (Melb), Nemesis, Discombobulation

Highlight of Career

Signing The Crystalline Effect to Black Flames Records, performing in a packed-out Gaelic Club in support of VNV Nation...


As "Plague Sequence": 2 Plague Sequence tracks (Oblivion and Take The First Step) are featured on the new Crash Frequency compilation. --------- As "The Crystalline Effect": EP - "Blurred Edges" 2006: Album - "Glass" 2005 Remixes: Implant - Surface Tension (The Crystalline Effect remix) Alien Produkt - Detestable Envy (The Crystalline Effect remix) Streeturchin - Blown Away (The Crystalline Effect remix) Skoyz - Distorted Dreams (The Crystalline Effect remix) Blank - Hellbound (The Crystalline Effect remix) +more Compilation appearances: Interbreeding VIII - Elements Of Violence Crash Frequency Vol.2 Crash Frequency Vol.1 State Of Synthpop 2005 Synthphony Remixed! Vol.4 Dark Horizons comp 2006

Upcoming Releases

In progress: Debut Plague Sequence album 2nd The Crystalline Effect album



Plague Sequence present dancefloor oriented music with a futuristic prose, fusing cold synth patterns and sweeping atmospherics, drawing heavily from the psytrance and futuristic techno genres. The Australian project consists of Virulent (Pete Crane), who is known for making the music for trip hop/EBM act The Crystalline Effect, whose debut album Glass was released by European label Black Flames Records in 2005. The Crystalline Effect has played dozens of gigs all over Australia and their releases have received great reviews worldwide. Virulent is also an active remix-artist having remixed internationally renowned artists (including Implant, among others) and also DJs regularly in Sydney and Melbourne. Currently completing a debut album, Plague Sequence is a subjective view of the technofetishistic webwork of a computer-obsessed existence, an intimate portrayal of the integration of the hi-tech into human culture. Plague Sequence is part of the Crash Frequency Collective.

Studio Setup

Alesis Andromeda A6 Novation SL Zero Korg microKORG Roland mc-202 Roland PC-70 MIDI controller Sony VAIO prosume (duo 2ghz, 1g ram, 120gb) IBM Thinkpad (Pentium M 1500mhz, 512mb ram) Desktop PC (P4 3.06ghz) Tascam US-122 Cubase SX 2, Reason 2.5, numerous plug-ins (fave plug-ins: Absynth 3, MS-20, Pro-53, Ohmforce & Izotope plug-ins) Genelec 8020a speakers Sansui Amp + B&W speakers 16 channel analogue Yamaha desk Fender stratocaster w/ texas special pickups Fender stratocaster w/ Gibson humbuckers Epiphone Nicke LP Custom Marshall 100w valvestate head + quad box Line 6 Pod v2, Genesis 1, Zoom 505, Crybaby wah SM58

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