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Newcastle, Australia

Musical Influences


Full On + Melodic Morning, Night

Favourite DJs

Hazmat, azza, gilgamash, Jaimz, Eegor, McBain, Halucidations (Abuse vs Yobi)

Favourite Labels

Mandala, Feedback, Sundance, Agitato, Translucent, Groove Criminals

Favourite Artists

Parana, Phanatic, Insomnia, Synsun, System Nipel, Planum, Space Monkey, Save the Robot, Space Cat, Oracle, Quantum, Quadra, Hujaboy, Mr. Peculiar


Upcoming Events

Bent Perception 2009 - 1st May 2009

Previous Events

Dimensions of Sound (Recommended Solutions 5) - 6-8 Feb 2009 Bent Perception - 3 May 2008 Recommended Solutions 6 - 8-10 Feb 2008 Psylent Night - 1 Dec 2007 The Big Crunch - 27 Oct 2007 Phantasmagorical - 13 Oct 2007 SEVEN - 28th Sep - 1 Oct 2007 - Outdoors NNSW feat X-Noize, Lost Keys Secrets from the Sun - 1 Sep 2007 Hard as F*ck Hippy Dance Party (Substandard Too) - 28 July 2007 Bent Perception - 5 May 2007 DitchFest 28 April 2007 Regrowth - 13-15 April 2007 Release the Secret (feat Broken Toy) - 30 Mar 2007 Symbiance (Recommended Solutions 5) - 9-11 Feb 2007 mixer-mitosis: solarsonics xmas evasion/celebration - 16 Dec 2006 DoofCorp - 25 Nov 2006 SUBstandard - 29 Jul 2006

Highlight of Career

Symbiance 2007 - Squeezing the last bit of energy out of the dancers for a final extended set :D



Mixes available for download at New: Live night set 21 December 2008 Live set 26 May 2007 Full on Psy Set - 06 Jan 2007 Live set from Symbiance - 10 Feb 2007

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