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Modena - Italia

Production Company


Musical Influences


Full On, Progressive, Goatrance


Upcoming Events

8/9 Feb : GanjaTree 5 - Belgium

Previous Events

To name some : May 2006 - CoH with Talamasca (Be) June 2006 - Paradox Party (Be) July 2006 - Surrealis Festival (Ger) August 2006 - Naked Festival (Ger) - Nova's Incindent 5 (Be) December 2006 : Rootz (NL) Februari 2007: Carni’bal party (IT) March 2007 : MagicTree (BE) April 2007 : Ruigoord & Metatron Q-Day (NL) May 2007 : Psychedelisches Hüttentreffen (GER) June 2007 : Rootz Festival (NL) & Heron Openair (BE) July 2007 : Shishu Openair (BE) & Naked Festival (GER) Dec 2007 : Looney Moon New Years Pastry (IT)

Highlight of Career

Evry party where people go crazy during our set !



Born in April 1981, the year of the Rooster… Ever since I was a kid, music has always been important in my life. When I was around 14 years I’ve bought my very first 12” “My House is Your House” by The Montini Expierence. This was only the beginning for me. Soon I’ve bought a second turntable and started to spin vinyl. After 2-3 year of practicing and collecting vinyls I became resident for “Dope Division”, a (hard)trance – Jump crew. Here it all begun… Soon I played at many party’s, clubs and bars. By making some name in the circuit I was offered to be resident in a club, there I played for 3 years almost every weekend. After these 3 years, everything began to chance for me…. The new clubtrance that I found in the shops didn’t suit me any longer, the music wasn’t anymore what it used to be. So I went searching for new playfields and I discovered progressive, these sounds still suit me… Too bad there’s not much coming out on 12” any longer, that makes it hard for me to refresh the sounds in my case often, but I don’t want to play with Cdj’s… To me it’s nothing more then pushing buttons, I need to feel my “black gold” in the hand. I know I’m doing difficult with this, but it’s the way I am. Playing with cd’s wouldn’t be me any more. I've played next to acts as: Digicult, Talamasca, Phanatic, Liquid Space, Wicked Hayo, Ephedrix, Mind Distortion System, Hyperfrequencies ... And dj's: Bim, Pan Papason, Apex, Incredible Tide, Kairon, Anoebis, Nemesis, Lelf, Mary Jane, Yoda vs Der Golem, Nel-Sun,Crispod, Kustom, Gill ... I have played in Tunesia on the Solareclipse05 Festival, Naked Festival 2006 & 2007, Surrealis Festival in Germany 06, Fairy Tales Forest Openair Holland 06, Napoli, Italia 2007....just to name some highlights. Since a while i play back to back with Brain Leech, also a vinyljunk like me :) He's an upcoming talent with a large musical background. We've met for the first time about 4 years ago... More recently he discovered psytrance and began buying vinyls, we tried this "vs." thing just for fun, but we rocked the place on our very first gig together so, a collaboration is only an improvement ;)

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