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WodJer Want

WodJer Want



WodJer Want


Sydney, Australia


A-List Recs, NZ

Musical Influences


Progressive Psy, Progressive Tribal and Breaks

Current Top 10

Crosseyed and Painless - TALKING HEADS Unknown Title - all the tracks - (Unreleased)- Sun Control Species Grouch - Catfunk Decoy - all of it Cosm - all of it

Favourite DJs

Drooid(aka Sun control Species) John Digweed, Carl Cox, Tim Spinks, Mark Murphy, Galaktik, Mark Murphy Grouch, Tom Cosm, Antix, Decoy, Filthy T, Galaktik vs Darkchild, Evil, Underworld, Talking Heads, Keoki

Favourite Labels

ZMA Records Eve Records Automatic Flying Rhino Transient Iboga Blue Tunes A-List Rec

Favourite Artists

Sun Control Species Pablo Gargarno Cass and Slide(especially Slide) Oscar the Grouch Antix Simon Posford Pete Lazonby Leftfield Kruger and Coyle


Upcoming Events

Substance, - Outdoor psy party - Wellington, New Zealand - December 7th - with Grouch, Filthy Tommo and co. Caanan Downs Festival - New Years 09 - New Zealand

Previous Events

Track 02 - EPP Productions - November 8-9 2008 - Outdoor bush psytrance doof party 2 hours from Sydney - played at least a 5 hour prog/psychedelic/breaks/random as/dubby/minimal/tribally trancey set - around 500 doofers. Sun Control Species - club in Wellington NZ, October 4th - supported one of the best in Australia, if not the world, trance producers/producers over the past couple of years Antix/Grouch/Filter/Wodger Want - Tattoo Museum - Wellington NZ - June 7,08 - Suppported my favourite artist for a long time, Antix - Underground Trance party - 500-600(hard to tell) people Babylon Begone - Bassweight/Jahbq - stick to the man Woop party just south of Wellington - November 25 Track 08 - EPP Productions - 17 May 2008 - 2 hours out of Sydney somewhere - Final set with encore performance(500pax). Forest Creatures - Christchurch(NZ) Outdoor party - March 08 Gizborne(NZ) outdoor bush doof - February 08 Luminate Festival - Nelson, NZ - February 08. CATDOOF - 4 day Outdoor party near Nelson,NZ - December 2007. Several small doof parties around Nelson and Golden Bay in NZ Cosmic Conspiracy Recs parties - played for my very good mate from CCR, Aviel at several indoor parties at Sub Nine, Tattoo Museum etc. Elysian Fields - November 2005 - first NSW/Melbourne collaboration of an outdoor psy party - Hallucinogen and Antix - played alternative stage Elevate India - 21/10/2005 - Regarded as the biggest(3000 capacity) and most respected superclub in all of Asia, I had the privelege to have my own night playing a 5hr plus set.Have been told from reliable sources that there isn't club like it in the world which even comes close to the class of Elevate. Uprising 07-NYE Electronic Music Festival Caanan Downs, South Island, New Zealand - Main stage morning set Earthdance Sydney Launch party World Bar Aug 26 Winter Solstice Victoria June 2005- Outdoor Proggy Froggy 08/04/05 - Promoter and played peak time(300pax) with proceeds going to Medicine Sans Frontiers Beyond Imagination June 2005 Full Moon Madness - Outdoor Trance Festival - Easter Long Weekend - Played Main and Chill stage Psychedelic Dreams Dec 04- New Caledonia - Outdoor trance festival - oraganised Dj lineup Earthdance 04 - New Caledonia -morning set before and after Prayer for Peace Winter Demon Aug 04 - co-promoter and organiser Caledonia Cozmik Jul 04 - New Caledonia - played six hour set at the first ever outdoor trance party in New Caledonia. Unknown Alternative(Tribeadelic "Liquid" and Fractal Glider CD Sydney launch, Oct 03) 3 day outdoor trance party - co-promoter and played a total of 4 sets over the weekend. Astrix and Bamboo Forest(T-Quest, Sep 03) - supported them and had a very favourabe review of me on - 600pax Dooferology(Empire Hotel, May 03) - Webgrrl's(Ozdoof) Sydney farewell party - 300pax I Like Doofing(outdoor doof, Aug 03) played final set for over 4 hours recieving one of the bestresponses of my career. Outback Eclipse NSW Launch Party(Bay 33, Jul 02) All Kindza Colours (Outdoor Speakahuggas psy party Mar 02) - 280 pax Pure(psy trance event) - Dendy Martin Place(Mar 02) - 300pax Trancition(Mullumbimby outdoor event) Feb 02- over 900 hippies stomp. Psydykelic(Webgrrl party) - organised sound for 3 floors as well as played last set of the night with all floors combined. ICE(gay and lsebian techno party) - resident Dj for ICE at Bay 33, June 01 to Mar 02(official Mardi Gras recovery) Exodus Music Festival(Feb 02) played to 500pax(280 Israeli approx) - mid morning set Ffeirce(gay techno night at ARQ, Nov 99) - main arena, middle and longest set of the nightto 1300. Bombed Nov 99 to Oct 00 - resident Dj with promoter Mark Murphy and Tim Spinks at Icebox and Club 77 and was support for Alientrax tour '01. Squirm - resident at Blackmarket Cafe Dec 01 to Jan 02 UTS(End of Semester party and Re-Commencement of Semester parties) - managed and played Dungeon room(techon and hard trance - 2400pax Woof(Sleaze Recovery, Sep 03) - Club 77 - 300pax Regular Dj spots on OUTFM(98) and Afternoon T show on WILDFM Blacker than a Black Hole(warehouse techno party) - played 3 sets in one night due to lack of Djs - 150pax Red Dragon - Blue Mountains indoor techno party - 600pax Iv'e also played host at my house(often referred to as the Marrickville Doof House, where Webgrrl used to live)for countless recoveries for most of the indoor trance parties this year and last, with Elixir(a party with 6 stages) closing down 2 years ago and being moved to my house as an example. Regular Dj support for Five Flavoured,eg five band festival @ Wilberforce with myself as the only DJ. Supported Skunkhour on their last gig(breaks set). Various underground warehouse parties in Newcastle Many many many house parties and private club parties such as Stonewall(Oxford St), Rhino Bar, Phoenix and alternate weddings.

Radio Appearances

Regular Dj spots on OUTFM(98) and Afternoon T show on WILDFM. Also was a Bedroom Bangers finalist and runners up in the DJ comp on DEXFM of April 1998 and was also runners up in the Nightbreed Dj comp March 1998.

Highlight of Career

The highlight for me so far would have to be playing to around 500-600 doofers at the Exodus festival 2002. Although I had performed at a number of techno and trance parties before this was was my first outdoor trance party. Seeing the doof dust form a cloud above the dance floor just made me tingle and made everything seem so worthwhile.


Over the past 6 years have built up quite an array of mixes usually completing 1 CD that I am happy with each year(not including this year in which I have had my finger surgically removed from my ass, and subsequently completed 7 CDs that I am happy with). Really am just wanting to get my sound out there so have made it available to download. Would like to know what you think, so don't be shy. Just to add the flange effect you may hear on some of the mixes has been not using "flange" technology as found on Pioneer CDJ100s and other mixing technology, but by using "phasing" mixing techniques, by mixing the same track at a slightly differentiated frequency. Most of these mixes aren't mastered as well so levels may need to be adjusted slightly. If you would like to just hear one that best caps my sound, I would recommend "Eggs Benedict" which is my latest or "Proggy Froggy:The Soundtrack". If you would like one or all of these mixes please don't hesitate to email me your address either on my user name on Australiens Doof-T or my address. These are for non-profit. All I ask if its over 2 CDs to help out with the postage. Really in no corresponding order: Nite Skool Style : Night time progressive Ideal time slot : 8pm to 12am BPM : 138 Date of mix : 15/05/2005 Track listing 1. Echotek Chilla Milla 2. Metronome Too rough to cough 3. Beat Bizarre Monochrome 4. Paste Neurotrop 5. Crosslink comp. 6. Oxyd vs DJ Oll - Doctor Disco 7. Reefer Decree - It Did 8. Chris Micali - Mental Garden 9. Crosslink comp 10.D-Vei - On 11.Tegma - Untitled 12.Chromozome vs Stella Nutella - Le Groove From Dusk til Dawn Style : Night into full on morning with meldodic crescendos. Ideal time slot : 4am to 8am BPM : 145 Date of mix : 30/04/2005 Number of tracks : 15 Track Listing 1. Eat Static - Holy War 2. Gattaka - Rules of Nature 3. Echotek - 2 the Moon 4. Sun Control Species - Proxima 999 5. Mantik - Grimma 6. Higher Human Form - Vision of Failing 7. Pixel - Happy Lepsya 8. Beat Bizarre - Brain Drain(remix) 9. Alegria - Bitaloon 10.Altom - Some place(Altom remix) 11.Andromeda - Imploded 12.Sun Control Species - Unreleased 13. Soundscapes 14.Juno Reactor - Navras 15.Sirius Issness - Home Sick Eggs Benedict Style : Full on mid morning progressive psy with an introduction by Dr Suess getting funky with a lazy bird and a fox whilst listening to some proggy tech/psy breaks. If you are not into that style, just bare it and you may be surprised as this is one of if not my best mixes to date. Ideal time slot : 9am to 11am BPM : 137 Date of mix : 22/09/2005 Number of tracks : 18(including 2 delightful Dr Suess numbers) Track Listing 1. Dr Suess - Horton hatches the egg 2. Linus & 12Tree - All over your rig(as oppsed to "my rig" which is side A) 3. Dr Suess - Fox in Sox 4. Stereo 8 - Get above Yourself 5. Cruzeman - Astec(Original mix) 6. Joujouka - Aoki Uru(System 7 remix) 7. Beat Bizarre - Brain Drain(remix) 8. Funky Dragon - Full moon 9. Saiko Pod - Phutures(Atmos Remix) 10.Phat Controllers - Simple Controller Complex 11.SBK - Miles and More 12.Taucher - Waiting 13.Beat Bizarre - Booger Launcher 14.Haldolium - Be Real 15.Cores - Fugestives 16.Decoy - Mr Plod 17.Sun Control Species - Not known(unreleased) 18.Funky Dragon - 13 Days Proggy Froggy(The Soundtrack) Style : Driving progressive tribal Ideal time slot : After 11am if at a doof, although would fit at peak time at a progressive club night. BPM :135-138 Date of mix : 22/05/2005 Mastered by : Alex Gooden Number of tracks : 16 Track Listing 1. Dj Tools - Various chosen samples 2. Kruger and Coyle - Beds are Burning 3. Unknown - Tribal Beats 4. Peace Division - What Is This Sound 5. D.O.P - Groovy Beat 6. Pocket - Cannot remember 7. Mutekki - Rock.n.Roll 8. Son Kite - Sunset Street 9. Hine und Kunz - Shiatsu Express 10.Designer Tech - Get Ready 11.Kruger & Coyle - JungleMuff 12.Telica promo sampler Side b 13.Frogacult - Back to the Woods 14.Deedrah - Purple Unicorn 15.Frogacult - All Seasons(Original Mix) 16.Pixel - Disco Nection Progressive Reflection of 2004 Style : Progressive tribal to progressive psy trance Ideal time slot : After Midday(although this mix was mixed this year it was only using music from 2004) BPM : 136 Date mixed : 19/05/2005 Track Listing 1. Atmos - Raumwelt Signal 2. Zietverschwendung - Happy Painting 3. XV Kilist - Kilopard 4. Dimas & Martinez - The Death of my Soul 5. Progressive FX - Track 4 6. Oculus - Sunrise Session 7. Export Audio - Sexy Angel 8. Zeitverschwendung - Elastische Prognathie 9. Prisoner of the Sun - Candy from the Strange Side 10. Phat - T.R.O.N 11.DJ Sangeet - Breath of Light 12.Freq - Return to the Masters 13.Beat Bizarre - Pests for Pets 14.Double Dragon - Bong Freestyle mixes Smashies Birthday Cake Style : D'n'B into old school breaks and then into nu skool breaks. BPM : 158 Date mixed : 20/08/2005 Some other timeless mixes worth listening to : Vaccum Wax Style : Progressive tribal to progressive trance. 100% vinyl mix. Mastered by Alex Gooden. Ideal Time slot : More of a listening CD the day after. BPM : 135 Date mixed : 10/04/2003 Track Listing 14 tracks TBA Saturn Return(Redux) Style : 19 track 3 deck progressive trance mix. Have also remixed and "phased"(flanged) some mixes to give it extra depth. BPM : 133 Ideal Time slot : More of a listening CD to enjoy whilst driving back from a bush party. Date mixed : 20/05/2004 My Mandala(Redux) Style : Progressive trance/tribal. Although some of you out there might have this mix, and even though it did not need any reworking I have remixed it giving it extra clarity and phased some tracks to offer more of a journey. Ideal Time slot : Midday onwards BPM : 135 Date mixed : 14/04/2004 Afterglow Style : Progressive tech trance to full on psy trance with 100% vinyl. Ideal time slot : Midnight til about 2-3 if you were to put this somewhere. BPM : 138 - 145 Date mixed : 07/04/2002 Track Listing 1. Paul Gaarn - Inhale 2. Mindseye - Resistance 3. Neoris - MDFM 4. Noma - Instant Delivery 5. Bus vs Slide - Everyday 6. New Disco Science Alliance - Wake up and smell the Coffee 7. GMS - Fourth Revelation 8. Son Kite - Youngel 9. Sonic Fusion - Emotions 10.Snug as a Bug - Faust Copy 11.Mindfield and Cosmosis - Psycho Problem 12. Shpongle - Sixth Revelation The Prequel Mixes: Serpent in the Sand - April 2000 My first CD inspired by a life questioning dr3eam which took me 8 years to figure out. Styles start with trance breaks, deep progressive house to uplifting trance, hard german trance, hard house, melodic hard style and then uplifting trance. Textile - April 2001 Cover hard trance, techno, and dark progressive trance. These mixes are not available on line at this stage. As with the others I hope you enjoy.



"Wodge is an accomplished turntablist and CD jockey who can play many styles of trance, always providing and ever changing pallete of energy yet still being able to provide for the audience's headspace and atmosphere. Whether it be slow and funky, earthy and tribal, or powerfully progressive, Wodge knows how to get the dancers moving. His intuitive touch as to what to play is what makes him a talent to watch out for." - Geoffrey Peters(webmaster of Doofpix and independent dance music reviewer) I couldn't put it better myself. I love to mix music of many genres and am finding myself constantly looking for further challenges. Like to play for the moment and play spontaneously as I feel that a Dj should be confident enough to play with the surrounding energy to really give aural pleasure. Love any time slot as I love the challenge for that moment. I try to respect the dancer and the listener as ones aural energy is so delicate. Respect to All. Wodger Want 25/03/05.

Studio Setup

CD decks, Turntablist and Serato interface. Wavelab for Mastering although its a little dated now. Fluent in Logic Platinum through Music(Technical Production) Certificate at East Sydney Sound College in 2001. Also trained in Italian Opera and started a 7 peice rock/pop band in 1991 called Conspiracy Theory. Recorded EP as lead singer. Also learnt the piano, drums, saxophone, violin and dance organ right up til I started mixing full time. Have also been a freestyle Crumping dancer being filmed by back in 2000. Also have extremely talented support from inspiring artists whom I have bonded with over the years. They have given me energy and motivation to keep looking forward.

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