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Simple Psyman

Simple Psyman



Simple Psyman



Production Company


Musical Influences


progressive to banging psychedelia

Favourite DJs


Favourite Labels

Zenon / Candyflip / Atomic / Flying rhino / Etnicanet / 3d Vision / Tip / Orebro / Spiral Trax / Analog Pussy / Iboga / Digital Structures / Feedback / Matsuri & so many others

Favourite Artists

Sun Control Species / Sensient / Bamboo Forest / MWNN / D tek / Tsuyoshi Suzuki / GMS / & so many more


Upcoming Events


Previous Events

Illusion 1,2&3 / Psychosomatic / Les'Partay / FluoroEssence / ITM party/ Psyberspace / Wind up / Enchanted Forest / Winter Enchanted / Outer Limits / Mayanstream / RA / Echo / Trancefusion / thanx for the fish / Gobbledegook / Resurection / Winter Solstice / SuNny psyde up / Free

Highlight of Career




Nev aka "Simple Psyman" started guitar tuition from ages 7 to 15yo aswell as developing a love for synths & their amazing sonic capacity. Bought the 1st synth(korg - poly six) @ 17 playing guitar & synths in a new wave/romantic originals band "Whiteside" & not long after purchased a 2nd synth(sci- pro600). After the gradual demise of the band a few years after in late "1988" & becoming disenchanted with the live music scene in Adelaide "the acid house" explosion hit & so began the love affair with techno. "1992" an Atari 1040ste running cusbase was purchased along with various synths & a sampler, a midi home studio was born. Many synths collected & computer upgrades followed then in "2000" completed an SAE cert3 studio course. The same year turntables were purchased to get a dj's understanding of the music being composed. Armed with knowledge from all angles this was the definative moment where an amp mixer & turntables where switched on & instant basslines, rythms, chord progressions & melodies all ready to layer, As opposed to computer crashes, hardware glitches hoping that the myriad of so called "desirable kit" would interact. Occasional studio moments are becoming satisfying in the VST domain, but for now the pleasure is comming from layering fat assed funky techy progressive & bangin' psy & puttin on parties under the name "SuN"(Spiritual uplift Network).

Studio Setup

P4 3Ghz - cubase sx - rme 24/96 - wavelab - rebirth - VSTi's & a disfunctional Roland Jupiter 8.

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