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DJ Nokturnal

DJ Nokturnal



DJ Nokturnal


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Production Company



Area 709 Records, Zenon Records

Musical Influences


Right now I focus on Psytrance (progressive, full-on, morning and ambient/downtempo), but I also have a love for the deeper/trippier/more beautiful side of Breaks, Progressive House and Drum & Bass.

Current Top 10

Coming soon...

All Time Top 10

Coming soon...

Favourite DJs

The Moontribe boys (Brian, Treavor, Brad), Solomoon, Tropism, and many other undiscovered ninja dj's.

Favourite Labels

Zenon, Area 709, Iboga, Digital Structures, Sub Machine, Cold Groove, Flying Rhino, Transient, Dragonfly, Flow, Blue Tunes, and many others.....

Favourite Artists

Sensient, Tetrameth, Shadow Fx, FREq, Beat Bizarre, Son Kite, Lube, Cosma, and loads of others from various genres....


Previous Events

Symbiosis 2007 - California Shambhala (2003, 04, 05, 06, 07) - British Columbia Motion Notion (2004, 05, 06, 07) - Alberta Burning Man (2003, 04, 06, 07) - Nevada Oracle Gathering: Journey of the Shaman 2005 - Seattle Dream Your Own Dream - Portland, Oregon Mythic, Magic, Mystery - Portland, Oregon Psychic Chakra - San Luis Valley, Colorado

Radio Appearances

Frisky Radio, Dance Radio FM, Ziatrance, Area 709

Highlight of Career

Many! Playing each summer at Burning Man in Nevada, the Summer Solstice event in Sand Dune National Monument Colorado, Headling the new trance stage on friday night at Shamhala 2003 in British Columbia Canada, Tagging with Treavor Moontribe at Motion Notion 2004 in Alberta Canada, opening for sphongle at Shambahla in 2006... and many many more!



My online mixes can be found for download here: Music, all forms and styles, makes me complete. It is a powerful cohesive agent, a moment of escape, a reason to gather and a vehicle for growth. I am extremely honored whenever I get the chance to stand in front of a group of people eager to join me as I play for them the tracks that make my heart sing. I spent my entire childhood after the age of three in the Yukon Territory and living in Whitehorse, the Capital of the Yukon, was simply incredible. As a child I thought that it was normal for the sun to disappear for one whole day every winter, and to not go down for one whole day in the middle of each summer. Music was not a big part of my life, but being surrounded by one of the largest wilderness areas on our planet did bring out my passion for the out-of-doors. As I finished high school I was already very seriously immersed in outdoor sports, and it was only natural that I ended up going into the University of Calgary Outdoor Pursuits Program. My life became consumed by ice climbing, mountaineering and telemark skiing in the winter, and by kayaking, white water raft guiding, climbing and mountain bike racing in the summer. It was in my last semester of University that I attended an all night tekno-rave, and thank God it was at the end of my Kinesiology degree because it had a big huge my life. As soon as I was finished my degree I left Canada to live in Australia for a year, and Sydney, a clubbers paradise, was an incredible place to explore the world of crazy electronic beats. Over the past nine years I have, as is my nature, totally thrown myself into the culture and music of what I can only sum up as electronica. I have evolved from being the last guy dancing at every party every weekend, to a kick-ass house party host, and then a promoter and a DJ, a club resident DJ, an artist group/promotions group collective member, and now have my energies focused on music production and the area709 project. I am not so much into risking my life climbing frozen waterfalls or rafting body-breaking rapids, but I have still kept myself busy! And how do I feel about music? Well, music for me is... intense. There are times when I am dancing or mixing that I can barely stop myself from exploding; my heart races and my throat aches from holding it in. As cheesy as it sounds, I am haunted by my desire to find those moments of auditory enlightenment; like reaching a type of sonic escape velocity in which my spirit breaks free from the gravitational pull of this crazy world. If I can share this with even one other person then I am content. I consider myself a dancer first and a DJ second and because of this I tend to be more conscious of the sounds in a track than tracks as a whole. The fusion of two tracks which other people have made into something uniquely "more" is for me the essence of great mixing and I am constantly seeking out truly inspired mixes. My goal when I mix is to offer myself and anyone else listening the chance to explore the more thoughtful side of electronica. I am a huge fan of psytrance, deep progressive breaks, progressive house, psydub, downtempo and ambient. When I perform as Nokturnal I do so as a Zenon Records label DJ, with a focus on the Zenon sound: dark, intelligent and most definitely nothing but psytrance. When I play as myself, or with Norris as Sons of Aurora , I often try to incorporate a variety of sounds and textures into a set, while still having an ear for the main thematic elements of the set as a whole. For me, contrasting tracks, subtle transitions and long twisting monumental mixes are where it's at. Peace and Light, Darvin Knorr.

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