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STARSEED / Fragrant Vagrant

STARSEED / Fragrant Vagrant



STARSEED / Fragrant Vagrant




67 Rec.

Musical Influences


Starseed is Psy/Prog/Full On and F.V is Daytime Trance

All Time Top 10

Hallucinogen - Cosmic Toothgrinder is one... Eat Static did the trick as well...


Previous Events

1994- U.S.A @ First gig, Megatripolis US, SF, California @ CCC (Consortium of Collective Consciousness) opening night, SF, Cal. @ LA, and San Diego tour with S.P.A.Z (semi-permanent autonomous zone) 1995- Sweden, India @ Docklands, after Mike McGuire, Stockholm, Sweden @ Packhuset, Gothenburg, Sweden @ Contact I&II, Gothenburg, Sweden @ Orebro Outdoor, infamous swedish forest parties, Orebro @ Swedish Porch Party, Anjuna, Goa, India @ Pushkar party, Pushkar, India @ Solar Eclipse,24 sept. -95, Rajasthan, India @ "Hilltop" Christmas Party (11 hour set !), Vagator, Goa, India @ Shakespeare's (Solipse organizer) New-years boat-party, Anjuna, Goa 1996- India, Germany, U.S.A, Amsterdam @ Shorebar (3-4X), Anjuna, Goa @ Shakespeare's Arambol party, Arambol, Goa @ Starboom II, Hamburg, Germany @ Trance Buddha, Amsterdam, NL @ Star Matrix, SF, Cal, U.S.A @ Lunarseed, SF, Cal, U.S.A @ C.C.C Chakra Dance party, SF, Cal, U.S.A @ Burning Man Festival, Nevada, U.S.A 1997- U.S.A, England, Germany, South Africa @ Moontribe Fullmoon desert-party, LA, Cal, U.S.A @ Return to the Source official afterparty, London, UK @ Fruhlings Ervachen, Essen, Germany @ Lovefield Festival, Hamburg, Germany @ Tribal Meditation, Essen, Germany @ Alien Safari, Umgazane Party, Transkei, South Africa (+2 other) @ Evosonic, digital radio broadcast, Cologne, Germany @ Zorba the Buddha, Hamburg, Germany @ Natraj Temple (2X), Munich, Germany @ Oxygen Orgasm, Midsummer, Halle, Germany @ Love Parade After-Party, Berlin, Germany 1998- Germany, Ibiza, Amsterdam @ Subground, Berlin, Germany @ Outdoor party, South Germany @ Oxygen Orgasm, Midsummer, Halle, Germany @ Switzerland, Rene's Outdoor-party near Zug, Zurich @ Mondmilch Cougheeshop, Switzerland @ Kumharas Cafe', resident ambient dj, Ibiza, Spain @ Rainbow/Trance tipi-gathering, Ibiza, Spain @ Atlantis 4day beach-party (3 sets =15 Hours), Ibiza, Spain @ ELF Squat, Amsterdam, NL 1999- Amsterdam @ ELF Amsterdam, mainfloor and ambient, many times @ Global Chillage, Coffeeshop @ Siberie, Coffeeshop @ ELF New-Year Y2K Bash, Morning 2000- Amsterdam @ ELF (still) A-Dam, NL @ Boom records label party, Groeningen, NL @ Achterburgwal Squat, A-dam, NL @ Underground Liberation, Internet Broadcast Go @ Queensday party, Amsterdam, NL 2001- Sweden, Australia @ Intro, Resident chill/groove dj, Gothenburg, Sweden @ Sound, Melbourne, Australia @ Cosmonauts, Northcote, Melbourne @ TrancePlant, Near Philips Island @ 1 Dec. Wear where ware Fashion Circus (with clowns and performers as models in the water, under the stars). Brunswick Baths, Melbourne. @ 7 Dec. Shen Ying, Fashion Night, Melbourne. Flinders Lane @ 8 Dec. Tribe-adelic Outdoor, Lake Eppalok. Melbourne @ 22Dec. Christmas, Tranquil Knights, Colonial Hotel, Lonsdale St. @ New Year's Eve, Tranquil Knights, Melbourne. 2002 - Australia @ Psycorroboree Beach Party, Black Rock Beach, Melbourne. @ 23rd Feb. 2002, Arcadia, Languid Stomp Productions, Melbourne. @ Mardi Grass 2002, Nimbin, Australia. @ RRR Fryday Radio (2X) @ Seven Nightclub @ Glow Bar Sunday Sessions Oct. @ Earthdance 2002 Cairns Oct. 2003 - Australia, UK, Sweden @ Exodus 2003 Jan. Byron Bay, Fragrant Vagrant Liveset @ Rainbow Serpent 2003 Jan. Melbourne, Fragrant Vagrant Liveset @ Earth Ascending Mayan Calendar Celebration, Glastonbury, UK, Fragrant Vagrant Liveset @ Musikens Hus,Yage Release Party , Gothenburg, Sweden, Fragrant Vagrant Liveset @ Globen Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 2004 - Based in Sweden again Here I spent the year making a Fragrant Vagrant album and practicing mastering. @ Twisted and Haunted Relics, Stockholm, Sweden, Fragrant Vagrant Liveset @ A Midsummernights Dream, Malmoe, Sweden, Fragrant Vagrant Liveset 2005 - Sweden... Did an internship at Music-A-Matic, a vintage studio. (chock-full of Universal Audio, Neve, Fairchild, Neumann and Moog originals)

Radio Appearances


Highlight of Career

Christmas Hilltop, 11 hour set.


Metrognomes - Rezurector - Phantasm Rec. 1997 BTM - Boa Sound of Prokult 1997 Tunnel Rec. - VA. 1997

Upcoming Releases

Son Kite - Within (S>Range 'N' Starseed RMX) Starseed - A Million Hz Away - Debut Full Length Album 67 Rec.;jsessionid=EMDBPGCHMOFN?showDetail=103506


Info 67 Rec. present: Starseed - A Million Hz Away Distributed by Wirikuta;jsessionid=EMDBPGCHMOFN?showDetail=103506 With its' roots firmly planted in the underground, Swedish 67 Rec. aims to nurture the growth of the psy-trance movement as it gains momentum on a larger scale, as was foreseen by many. Based in Gothenburg, which has spawned artists like Robert "Source" Leiner (R&S), Atmos on Anti's Spiral Trax and S>Range, we will be upholding this heritage and adding to the legacy while providing an outlet for the global creative collective. Expect only high quality releases and consider this an invitation to join us on the journey, packed full with dance-floor goodness! This offering is from Starseed, a long-time-coming debut album, no less, as earlier releases have all been co-operative works (Metrognomes w. Tim "Quirk" Healey as well as with D.I.M.O and others). A unique psy trance album, due in part to the many live instruments involved, oboe, flute, singing, bells, to name a few. All have been well recorded and blended in to add the human element in this otherwise highly energized mix. Dj on the international psychedelic circuit since 1994, Starseed has played at Indian solar eclipse parties and American desert festivals. Sony offered him a recording contract in 1997, following a few successful releases, but he declined. That really upset his manager, as you can imagine. Thus, eight years have passed since the last Starseed release. Now "A Million Hz Away" is sure to put his sound back on the map. Enjoy! " We came from outer space, Another frequency, a million Hz away We must have lost Our way Bit by bit, at any rate ";jsessionid=EMDBPGCHMOFN?showDetail=103506 Cat# SSMHZ67013 ****************************************************** Comment given on early Starseed & Tim Healey collaboration Metrognomes, released on Phantasm Records 1997 compilation The Eternal Frequency: ()*_*() Metrognomes : Rezurrector ``Metrognomes´ Rezzurector is probably one of the weirdest traxs ever. At first hand it sounds primitive, but after a while, one discovers the madness. I wish Tim Healy would do something more out of this collaboration. It´s worth buying this one.``

Studio Setup

Nuendo, EMU 1820m, Virus KC, Mindprint TComp+AD/DA, Focusrite Mix Master, Mogami cables, 200 GB sample library

Bookings & Contact Info

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