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Tamasha (Fund o' Mentals recordings)

Tamasha (Fund o' Mentals recordings)



Tamasha (Fund o' Mentals recordings)



Production Company

Fund o' Mentals


Fund o' Mentals

Musical Influences


Night time Intricacy to Morning Mayhem

Current Top 10

Bon/Audialize/Abnormal Project/Orestis/cpc/kindzadza/Nocturna/concept/electrypnose/ Baphomet engine/tim schultz/atriohm....again, a very hard ask!!!;)

All Time Top 10

Neuromotor - Fuck the dat mafia trance (rmx) Hyper Frequencies - Experience Audialize - g-strings (Menog rmx) Audialize- Dark age (best ever!!) This is to hard???????To many to mention!!!! Hire me and find out! lol

Favourite Labels

Twisted,Vertigo, Mechanic, Manic Dragon, Geomagnetic, ketuh, 3rd eye, time code, trishula etc etc etc ....To many to mention!

Favourite Artists

Mr Peculiar as far as Aust artists go, Ray Castle,the amazing Simon Posford, Neuromotor and Hyper frequencies back in the day! many to mention!


Upcoming Events


Previous Events

Fund o' Mentals 1 and 2 , Transpose(2001, Tranquil Knights (2001) Spirit (2005) Freeknoize, Darkriver(?)Psyfari Full Moon Party ( 2001, Many times at 3D (CBD) NoiseBar, Ace Morning.........etc etc



Upcoming Releases

yet TBA



Tamasha (Tar-may-sha) Is the hindu name given to one of the most famous Snake Charmers that ever lived, known to captivate his cobra with a hypnotic spell. Dj Tamasha's Quality performances depict none other than that method of be-witching Crowds with his knowledge of Dark Offbeat soundscapes, building and building sequences until dancers/ravers are sent into sonic states of bliss and Psychedelic Mayhem! **His mixing skills must be seen and heard to be believed!** Tamasha (formerly Psylosaur/Xzentrix/funkdefyno) Has played only the true spirited Psychedelic Underground partys for those that want to experience everything other than the normal mainstream appeal. In it for the music only and not the material source the music can bring to him! His Status does not outway the quality and precision of one of his sets, kept under the covers away from the evils of exploitation. thought out with care and passion from 10 years of acid dance music collecting, his sets are known to create unforgetable blissfull psychedelic Moments in the minds of all those that experience them, no matter how psychedelic your mind-scape may be! For a constant energy building experience, be sure to catch one of his sets around Australia soon. Past History of Festivals/Raves: 2001 - Fund o' Mentals 1 (Outdoor Gathering) - Including Hoopsnake (live) Mojo, funkdefyno, Batonic, Em Skybus, Daffy Transpose 2001 (Tranquil Knights Outdoor) Virus - (Geddes lane) Scot Alien, Funk Defykno, Dj Boudica, Itchy, M-bug Messy Creations - Fitzroy Warehouse w/ m-bug, Funkdefyno, the messy kids, bubble and squeek Christmas Bash 2001 (tRANQUIL knights) 2002 - Fund o' Mentals 2 - (outdoor Gathering) Funk defyno, Hoopsnake (Dj set) Glowworm (live) Mojo, Batonic, Daffy, Tie Died. 3D (CBD Mckillop St) - Many times on and off since 2002 NoiseBar - 2003 (Funk defyno) Spirit Outdoor (Spirit crew) - Jules(Alien Nation, Spirit), Baz R (spirit, 3D) Petie (Transition, Alien Nation, Spirit) Xzentrixx (fund o' mentals) Dark River Doof - Early 2006 (as Xzentrixx) Ace morning (sydney Road) 2006 - with Sonic Shroom, Psylosaur (Tamasha) Devine Union, Miss Kitty, Pixie Lu...... (*as Xzentrixx) Psyfari Full Moon - (Outdoor Festival) 2006 (As Psylosaur) Freenoize 2006 - Tamasha vs B.F.G. BOOM! Ta-ma-sha! See you on the dance floor! Love, light and Trance, we Trust! :)

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