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Psycho Kinetik

Psycho Kinetik



Psycho Kinetik



Production Company

Crystal Field


Psymaic Collective Records

Musical Influences


Twisted Psy Tek

Favourite Labels

Stoneage reocrds

Favourite Artists

Psychotic Micro, Hyper Freqinces, Fungus Funk, Azak Syndrome, Jimbo Jones, Grapes of Wrath, Digital Talk


Upcoming Events

Playing on PsyZone Stage at Omni Festival Spain 2005

Previous Events

The Globe 19th Febuary 2005 (London) Crystal Filed 11th December 2004 (London)

Upcoming Releases

Working a compilation with some of the up and coming Psy Trance acts of the London underground Scene. Titled EXTREME HARD DRIVE this wil be the first release on Psymanic Collective Records. Also my Solo album called SUBSONIC IMPLOSION which has no record label as of yet.



After years of listeing to full power death and heavy metal and being in 2 bands i found elctronic music. In paticular Gabber and Acid Tekno, which i listened to for years and DJ'd Gabber under the name RAW FUK. I heard Psy Trance in Paticlaurly The Delta, which I owe my love of Psy Trance to. and as they say the rest is history. Production wise i first strated off writing Gabber and tekno and then had a go at psy trance which i have been writing day in day out and not going to work.

Studio Setup

Audio Rack PC Eurorack Mixer 2 Tannoy Reveal X Monitors Samson Servo 170 amp Midiman Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard Lots of Vst Synths

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