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Kozmik Drewid

Kozmik Drewid



Kozmik Drewid


Paita New Caledonia

Production Company


Musical Influences


Psytrance, progressive (morning & night)

Current Top 10

Eskimo "Take a look out there" Liquid phase "Lucid vibe" Vibrasphere "Archipelago" Phatmatix "Sorcery" Oculus "A moment in time" Third drop Reflection "Lucid dreaming" Sirius Isness "Breaking the matrix" Miraculix "Frozen" Audialize "Glideline" Scorb "Kakah tookie"

All Time Top 10

Eskimo Scorb Phatmatix Space tribe Gms Astrix 1200 micrograms Electric universe Liquid phase Beat hackers

Favourite DJs

Junya, Rashca, Adam-T, Darkchild, Galaktic

Favourite Labels

Yabai records, spun records, Mind control records,Arabesque distribution, 3D vision, solstice records

Favourite Artists

Oculus, Andromeda, Third drop reflection, Space tribe, Raja Ram


Upcoming Events

Earthdance 2007 (NC) Maeva beach party (Tahiti) Halloween party (NC) Kozmik Kaos (NC)

Previous Events

Transfusion (NC) Tribadelic (NC) Silicon Eclipse (NC) Earthdance 2006 (NC) In Trance (NC) Halloween Scary Monsters (NC) Fluomania (NC) Mindscape (NC) Electrik Rainbow (NC) Sonic Attak (NC) Minelic River Rave (NC) Remember (NC) Full moon festival (NC) Euphoria (NC)

Radio Appearances

Radio Oceane Noumea

Highlight of Career

Fluomania with Talamasca & Sirius Isness



I became fully involved in trance in 2003, when a group of people (APAP)in New Caledonia decided to organise outdoor doofs on the island. I started mixing after meeting up with the T-quest crew in Sydney. Since then APAP aka Kozmix tribe have permitted me to get substantial experience and also to meet some of the best artists around.

Studio Setup

2 X cdj 100s 1 Allen & Heath Xone 62 mixer 1 Pioneer EFX500 1 Kaos pad 1 EMU Xboard 25 control Keyboard 1 Microkorg Synth PC dual core, 4 Gb Ram Abelton 5 Cubase sx2 Reason 4

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